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To make a Direct Tax-Deductible Contribution: 

"To Carry On..." is a fiscally sponsored arts project through the New York Foundation for the Arts.        All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

I invite you to actively participate in "To Carry On…"




$5 - $49

Mimi's Captains


Program Thank You & Thank You on the "To Carry On..." Facebook Page


This level pays for the House Manager. (Value: Look at it this way, you can download an iTunes recording for $9.99. Why would you buy yet another reissue by some over-65, white-man millionaire, who doesn’t need the money anymore. I need it. Think about it.)



$50 - $99

The Tendaberries


Personalized Thank You Note signed by Mimi, sent by Snail Mail + Above Thank You’s. This level pays for printing the programs.(Value: For $50 bucks, you can take a date to MoMA. You know you’re never gonna go but you’d like to, so you can look smart. If you give on this level, I’ll tell everyone you are smart.)



$100 - $449

Eli Has Arrived


A "To Carry On…" poster signed by Mimi + Above Thank You’s. This level pays for the piano tuner and/or the moving company to move set pieces.

(Value: For $115 you can have High Tea For One at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Why would you do that? Come over to my place. I have lots of tea. Text me.)



Club $450

You Saved The Country


Joining this elite club will garner you Two Free Tickets to see "To Carry On…" at TBG Theatre - (excluding Opening Night) + Collector’s item CD from Mimi’s old band, "Gene &Mimi, 36th Street" + All Of The Above. This level gives Mimi 3 hours rehearsal time with her brilliant director & music director, Gretchen Cryer & Jeff Klitz

(Value: It’s a lot of money. And, I will be eternally grateful to you.)



$500 - $2499

Woman of the World


Two Free Tickets to Opening Night & Party of “To Carry On…” at TBG Theatre (or any performance of your choice) + All Of The Above. This level pays for the backup singers, the music geniuses. (Value: A Coach Classic Leather Field Bag. I know. I really want one. Most definitely - my backup singers are a classic, luxurious lifestyle brand. The memory of the singers will last longer than the bag)



$2500 & Above


   Profuse Groveling At Your Feet +Bound Copy Of The Script +

   All Of The Above.


   This level can pay for 1/4 of the overall budget!!! The budget is $10,000.

   Yeah -  crazy. If you give at this level, you are truly A Goddess, whatever your            gender.  NYFA will generate a  letter for your tax returns.

   (Value: A Versace dress. But, I’m one-size fits all.)




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